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What Does Jewelry Mean To Me?

By March 16, 2012Recent News
Valerie and Manoli Savvenas
Valerie and Manoli Savvenas

Valerie and Manoli Savvenas

After being in the jewelry business for 33 years I asked myself this question. What does jewelry mean to me?  I am around jewelry all of the time and I love it and I understand the investment and intrinsic value but…..mostly…

I remember my MOM buying me my first diamond ring when I was 6…she did this for all of the girls.  We were poor…I guess that is the right word for it, although I didn’t know we were poor.  My parents were divorced and we lived with my wonderful Grandparents.  But that ring was something special.  I lost it many years later but the memory and meaning is still with me.

I remember buying my own real 14 karat opal earrings after I had my first real job at 18.

Manoli & I walked Bergenline Ave in Union City, New Jersey looking for wedding bands back in 1973.  He was a pro. wrestler back then and not back into the jewelry business….yet.  We purchased plain milgrain edged bands for our wedding.  We still have them.

I remember him trying his best to hide my 2 carat diamond ring from me until we could get to Greece and give it to me on our tenth anniversary.  He gave it to me on a balcony overlooking the Agean Sea in Rhodes, Greece.  I still wear that diamond today…28 years later.  I have remounted it a few times since then.

So I remember those early purchases and milestones and I think that is the most important part about jewelry…the memories.

What do you think?  Think about it….and feel free to comment.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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