Mike Pappas the Wrestler


Mike Pappas the WrestlerMike Pappas the wrestler was a professional wrestler long before he owned Manoli’s Jewelers.  He wrestled in the United States from 1969 until 1978.  He has owned his jewelry business since 1979 and you will find him every day at Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield MO.

Mike Pappas was his wrestling name but Manoli Savvenas is his real name.  So the next time you go by our store, remember that there is a lot of history here!  For a history see below and you can find him on facebook.


Mike Pappas, Valerie and Andre the Giant in Kansas City MO

Mike Pappas worked with Andre the Giant many times and traveled to many places around the world.  Shortly after he came to the United States he went to Mexico to wrestle.

He then went to the Nashville TN area and wrestled for the promotion of Nick Gulas. Mike received the title of Light Heavyweight Champion of the World in TN in 1971.  Mike/Manoli will attend a reunion in Nashville, TN on Sept 28, 2012.


Mike Paapas in New York and with the WWF

After Nashville TN he went to New York and worked for WWF and Vince McMahon.


Mike then went back to Nashville, TN and then later went to Paducah, KY.  Mike met his wife, Valerie, in Paducah, KY.

They then went back to New York and the WWF in 1973.

Mike then went to Montreal, Canada to wrestle.Mike Pappas and Valerie with Gigi the Greek and his wife in Canada





Mike Pappas, Valerie and Johnnie Gray in Tampa FL in 1974 In 1974 he was in Florida wrestling






and then in 1975 Mike went to Australia where he wrestled all over the country and then came back to the US.


Mike Pappas in Tasmania with George Gouliovos and Mario Milano







He then wrestled out of the Tulsa OK office run by Leroy McGuirk and Bill Watts out of Louisiana.

Mike then wrestled for the office in Kansas City for Bob Geigel and that is where he ended up his wrestling career in 1978.

He then moved to Springfield Mo in 1978 getting back into the jewelry business.  Jewelry is what he learned to do as a young boy and jewelry is what he does daily now.  He started off in the wholesale business and at it’s peak was doing work for about 50 stores when the opportunity presented itself and he bought an exiting retail store from one of his best wholesale customers in 1985.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

Find Mike Pappas at Mike Pappas the Wrestler on facebook.


Match Mike Pappas by his Heart and He is a Giant








Mike Pappas aka Manoli and Manoli’s Jewelers is still big at heart.



Manoli’s Jewelers received the Small Business Philanthropist of the Year award in 2005.

Manoli and his wife, Valerie Savvenas donate lots of jewelry and their time to many worthy charities in Springfield MO.  They started Diamond Night in 2002 that benefits Boys and Girls Town and started the Greek Festival in 2008 that benefits St. Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Church in Springfield MO.

Manoli’s Jewelers received the Presidents Council on Service Award in 2007 for the many ways that they serve the community.  This award was issued by President Bush.

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