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Services & Policies

After Purchase Care

We will happily clean and check your jewelry, whether it was purchased here or not, free of charge to you.  There is a small fee for polishing but not for cleaning.

You may come in as often as you like to have all of your jewelry cleaned.  Monthly is good.  Twice yearly is ok.  Some people come in around their birthday and then around six months later.

At cleaning time we will check your prongs, clasps, etc for possible problems and bring them to your attention.

It is very important that you avoid wearing your jewelry in swimming pools, hot tubs, or while cleaning with chlorine bleach products.  The chlorine may react with alloys in your jewelry and cause problems down the road possibly resulting in loss of an important gemstone.

This actually happened to Valerie when she was using a hot tub while on vacation.  She was only in it a few times but shortly after the trip she started having problems with prongs on her ring and when we realized what had happened we put a new head on her ring and luckily all was fine.

The breakage tends to happen along stress areas where prongs may have been bent or pressured previously.  White gold seems to react worse to the chlorine than yellow gold so that may explain why the white gold head had the problems.

Buying Old Gold

Yes, we do buy old gold, platinum or silver.  Just bring it in and we will sort it, weigh it and offer you a price or you can trade it in for new jewelry, too.  We usually offer a higher return when you trade it in for jewelry in our store.

A great way to recycle is to have us make a new piece of jewelry for you or someone else.

We can make something fairly simple such as a bangle bracelet if you have enough gold.  If you don’t have that much gold, we can make a cross, peace sign, heart, without involving huge labor charges.  We can scatter set your gems.

Why not preserve your wealth with something that you can wear!

We have lots of pictures in the store and we always welcome your pictures from the web or magazines or even your drawings by hand.  Together we will come up with something that will look great.  So shop your jewelry box.

Consumer Confidence Guarantee

In regard to purchases involving a single stone or pair of diamond stud-type earrings. Many of our loose diamonds come with a laboratory report.  The GIA, AGS and GCAL are our favorite labs.  Our staff gemologist, Valerie Savvenas, has been a graduate gemologist since 1985 and is GIA trained.  She still checks each diamond that we sell in our store to make sure everything is correct and legitimate.  She uses GIA color graded master stones and Gem Instruments equipment.

We will put on your receipt the quality of your gemstone making it a “condition of the sale” which further protects you legally.

Whenever there are multiple smaller diamonds we usually state a range for the color grade and clarity grade.


Engraving by machine is available on many jewelry items and may be done the same day if needed.  Just ask!

Engraving adds that little touch that makes a gift even more personal.  We can engrave inside the ring.  Many wedding bands allow us to engrave on the outside of the ring.  Charms that have a smooth flat surface often allow for engraving.  Bangle bracelets, lockets do, too.

Of course medic alert charms, pendants and bracelets can be engraved with your important medical information.

Synchrony Financing Available

We do offer Synchrony financing with approved credit.  You’ll receive a credit card good at our store and six months no interest if paid in full within 6 months with minimum monthly payments required on any purchase.

On purchases over $1000 we can offer no interest if paid in full within twelve months with minimum monthly payments required.

We can also offer a fixed 24 and 36 month payment plan on purchases of $2000 or more.

You will need to come into our store and fill out a very short application form and after we enter the information in to Synchrony, we will usually have an answer immediately.  Financing is not available on-line at this time.

A Synchrony financing card offers a separate way to pay for your jewelry that doesn’t tie up your other credit cards and as long you keep the card in good standing, you can use it again without having to reapply each time.

It makes great sense to do this as long as you can make the payments in the preferred amount of time.

If you already have a Synchrony financing card you may be able to use it in our store even if you obtained the card elsewhere.

For more details, call or come by the store.

Gemstone Enhancement Disclosure

Any process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance (color, clarity, phenomena) durability or availability of a gemstone is considered to be enhanced.  Enhancement is not unusual and many common gemstones have been enhanced.  Many enhancements are simply assumed in the jewelry industry and considered normal.  Some enhancements are deceptive if they are not disclosed such as fracture filling, surface diffusion, coating and colored oiling.  We will tell you about any of these more deceptive treatments although we would rarely offer for sale anything with those treatments.

Most sapphires are heat treated as are rubies. Many others such as amethyst, aquamarine, tanzanite and some tourmalines are heated.  Most emeralds have been oiled.  Some pearls, coral, ivory have been bleached.  Most blue topaz has been irradiated and is quite safe.  Lapis, turquoise, serpentines and more have been dyed.  This may be fairly typical and is industry wide.  If you are concerned about any possible treatments be sure to ask us and we will be happy to tell you what you want to know.

Gift Cards

We offer Manoli’s Jewelers Gift cards and they are available in any amount and make a great gift. If you can’t decide what to give to someone but you know they would like jewelry then a gift card is a great option.

The card is shaped like a credit card and is very pretty with a diamond on the front and we can wrap it very quickly in a nice box with beautiful gift wrapping.

Free Gift Wrapping

We will gladly wrap your purchase free of charge and usually while you wait.

People comment every day about how nice our gift wrapping is.  We use a very pretty gold and bronze-copper toned heavy paper or a silver toned paper with hand tied ribbons that make your gift look great before it is even opened.

Jewelry Appraisals


For more information about the Gemological Institute of America click here

Appraisal: Before each sale is completed we examine and evaluate each item and we make sure that we deliver the quality that you are paying for.  Upon your request at the time of the sale, we will furnish an insurance appraisal on the item purchased free of charge to you.

It is important to have a full coverage insurance policy to protect your fine jewelry.  We think that a rider added to your policy gives the best coverage but you need to contact your insurance company and see what your options are.

We can offer you insurance coverage through Jewelers Mutual not as an agent-but we will give you the information you need to contact them or you can contact them by clicking this link Jewelers Mutual-Perfect Circle.  If you do have a jewelry issue then they will have us help with your replacement and we will be acting to make sure that you are properly taken care of.

Please do not wait until it is too late.  We see people often who have a loss that is not properly insured.  Take time to go through your jewelry and decide what you want to have insured.

Prices start at $125 for the first item and then vary between $50 and $125 for each additional item.

Expert Jewelry Repair

Expert jewelry repair is done in-house by our expert jeweler.  Manoli Savvenas is a master goldsmith with extensive experience in jewelry repair. Learn more!


Layaway with 25% down and then equal payments of 25% for the next three months.  If the lay-a-way is cancelled then all monies will be applied to an in-store credit.  There are no cash refunds on a lay-a-way purchase.  No refund is provided  for special orders, custom design orders or items that have been altered or engraved.

Layaway does not have any additional fees.  So there is no interest or service fees added and if you need us to keep it at the store we can do that, too, so the gift won’t be found before the time you want to give it.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover cards.  We accept cash.  We accept personal-in-state checks with proper identification and verification of funds. These options are for in store purchases.

We also offer financing through Synchrony with approved credit so click here to read more about it.

We offer lay-a-way with 25% down and three equal payments over the next 90 days with no interest or service charges.

Recycling Jewelry

We encourage you to bring in any old out-of-date or worn/damaged jewelry and we’ll personally help you design a new piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear.  Recycling may save you money and it is earth friendly.  It is perfect for inherited items that have much sentimental value but simply are not fitting with your unique style.

Don’t be shy-you will never know what is possible until you ask.

Also recycling your gold and diamonds is a good idea.  Good for America!

We offer custom jewelry with computer aided design.  We will help you create the perfect piece of jewelry!

Restringing Pearls and Beads

We do provide pearl and bead restringing.  This is done by a local person with 25 plus years of experience who does Museum quality work and we do send this out of our store to be done.  She does excellent work and it usually only takes a week or so to be completed.

Returns of Jewelry Policies

Return policy for in-store purchases only.

Manoli’s Jewelers will issue an in-store credit or exchange for the full amount of the purchase if item is returned within ten days with the original receipt.  Items must be in the original condition.  Watches must have boxes and paper work.  Returns are not accepted for items that have been altered, sized, engraved, special ordered or custom designed.

If you wish to have a cash refund it must be written on receipts by our store personnel and the item must be returned within three days.  We will credit the credit card that you used at the time of purchase or a check will be issued after enough time has passed to allow for processing of the check used at the the time of purchase by our bank.  Above conditions also apply as to the condition of item regarding acceptability of a return.


Manoli’s Jewelers does accept diamonds purchased from our store for trade-in and up.

You will need your original receipt if you purchased the jewelry anytime before 2001 when Manoli’s Jewelers was computerized.

Items in the following categories are acceptable:

Diamond stud earrings

Diamond solitaire ring

Diamond solitaire pendant

Diamond solitaire bracelet

3-stone diamond rings

3-stone diamond pendants

For items presented for exchange after the ten day return policy, we will allow a full trade-in value (less taxes and a refurbishing fee) towards any item valued at 200%  or more of the originals trade-in value.  For example: if you have a $100 trade in value you must purchase $200 or more.

We do this a lot with diamond stud earrings and it allows you to move up in size and makes it much easier to do so.

Watch Repairs

We can replace your battery or shorten your watch band in-house and often while you wait.

For other watch repairs we do send them to a local expert person who has a CW21 certification which means a certified watchmaker for the 21st century which is strongly supported by the American Watchmaking Industry, especially Rolex USA.

Many times your watch may still be under manufacturer’s warranty so check with where you purchased your watch to see if that is the case.  We have found that watch crystals and watch bands usually don’t come under that warranty but check on it anyway.

Our private label MJ watches have a 3 year limited warranty.