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Love and compassion are necessities

By Recent News

Love and compassion are necessities-not luxuries-without them-humanity cannot survive.  Quoted from the Dalai Lama.

Remember today to give some of both away.  Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield MO

Manoli’s Jewelers 2700 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804


Western Tradition identifies four kinds of love

By Recent News

Western tradition identifies four kinds of love.

Eros-is the drive to unify, to create, procreate and the urge toward higher forms of being and relationship.

Libido– is the physical desire, sexuality, sensuality and lustful type of love.

Philia-is the friendship type of love and brotherly and sisterly love.

Agape-is the compassionate heart or transfigured desire, the love devoted to the respect and welfare of others, the commitment to doing no harm.

Taken from a great book called (The Second Half of Life) by Angeles Arrien

Words that are from the Greek language and jewelry to celebrate your type of love is at Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield MO

Manoli’s Jewelers 2700 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804

Shop Your Jewelry Box

By Recent News

Shop your jewelry box.

First we can buy your gold for cash and you can do whatever you want with that money.

Second we can give you a larger amount for trade in for your old gold  so that you can exchange it for jewelry that you or someone else will want to wear.

Third we can take your old gold and gems and create new jewelry involving a labor charge so you can recycle what you have into something you will love to wear-we have lots of photos of ideas.  This choice will take some time so don’t wait-bring what you have in today and see what is possible.

Come to Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield MO where a master goldsmith and a graduate gemologist team will help you.

Manoli’s Jewelers 2700 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804

You might ask why you should go to Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield, MO?

We think these following reasons are important.

1. Manoli and Valerie are a master goldsmith and graduate gemologist team since 1979.

A master goldsmith is someone who is an expert at working with gold and a master with gold can work with silver and platinum, too.

Manoli started his goldsmith career in Greece and worked in Australia, New York and Kansas City before he moved to Springfield, MO where he and his wife, Valerie, purchased a wholesale jewelry business doing work for other jewelry stores.
You get a lot of experience when you do work for up to 50 jewelry stores and you learn to do it right and fast with often a 2 to 3 day turnaround time.

Valerie became a graduate gemologist training with the Gemological Institute of America “GIA”
What is a graduate gemologist?  It is a person who has completed a program that teaches you everything about diamonds and about colored gemstones and gem identification.
Valerie then went on to take jewelry appraisal classes and updates her gem identification skills as needed.

So Valerie knows all about the diamonds they sell and stands behind each diamond.

Manoli and Valerie bought a retail store in 1985 and were the first master goldsmith and graduate gemologist in Springfield, MO.

Manoli and-or Valerie will help you with your jewelry needs.

2. Manoli’s Jewelers offers creative custom designs and have unique jewelry in a warm boutique type store.  “Dare to be Unique”

3. Last but not least, Manoli’s Jewelers offers fair pricing-no gimmicks or fake sales.  Our goal is to offer great value and outstanding work at a fair price.

Bridal Jewelry Made in America

By Recent News

Is it important to you?  To have your jewelry made in America.  I have talked with the primary manufacturer of our bridal jewelry and I have been assured that over 70% of our bridal jewelry is made in their US facilities and that if we request it that everything can be made here in the USA.

As a jeweler it is common to have many things from other countries.  Our watch parts are Swiss made.  Most of our chain is made in Italy.  Our diamonds are sourced from many parts of the world.  We sell lots of jewelry that is made in Greece

But if it’s important to you then your engagement rings are or can be made in America then come to Manoli’s Jewelers in Springfield MO.

To see more engagement rings click here.

Manoli’s Jewelers 2700 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65804