Valerie and Manoli Savvenas

Why do we say dare to be unique ?  It’s because we are unique, our store is unique and we take pride in stocking many unique pieces of jewelry as well as the tried and true items.

Manoli Savvenas became an apprentice jeweler when he was 11 on the island of Rhodes, Greece.  Over the years he learned and practiced the jewelry trade in Australia, New York, Kansas City, and eventually landed in Springfield, MO in 1979. For a few years he left behind his jewelry life and lived the life of the professional wrestler, using the name of Mike Pappas, traveling to many places, but after he married and started to have children he decided to take up his old jewelry trade again.  With his wife, Valerie, they purchased a wholesale shop that did repairs and manufacturing for other retail jewelers from 1979 until 1997.  At the shops peak they handled work for about 50 stores so when it comes to experience Manoli has got it.

Valerie Savvenas is from a small town near Paducah, KY and after they bought the jewelry shop serving other jewelers, she studied with the GIA to become a graduate gemologist and received her diploma in 1985.

Valerie and Manoli take a strong interest in helping charities and have decided to focus on charities helping children is distress. One of their proudest achievements was in the founding of “Diamond Night” benefiting Boys and Girls Town of MO in 2003 and which continues yearly in Columbia, MO benefiting Great Circle.

Manoli melting gold

Manoli working on jewelry at his bench