Humans of the Ozarks and Manoli

By January 26, 2017 Blog
Manoli Savvenas of Manoli's Jewelers

Humans of the Ozarks and Manoli Savvenas.  An article about Manoli that was printed in the Springfield News Leader on January 8, 2017.  We hope you enjoy it.


Manoli Savvenas can still remember smelling the Aegean Sea air as he tried to out-maneuver his friends kicking a soccer ball made from old rags.

“We didn’t have toys. But it was a very happy childhood. We’d get hungry from playing, so we’d go home and eat a slice of bread. We’d wet it with water and put a little sugar on it,” he says.

Growing up on the Greek island of Rhodes, Savvenas was aware of the ancient Roman and Byzantine artists, writers and philosophers who had called the island home.

“Believe me, we ate a lot of fish. And fresh vegetables like green beans and fresh…read more

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